Friday, 17 August 2012

Step 5: How to act like a real mermaid!

Why not play the whole part? You could make someone believe you are a real mermaid!
Here are a few behavioural and appearance tips to think about:
  • Your skin should be always flawless and moisturised- you live in the water remember?
  • Make sure your hair isn’t frizzy or dry, but looking luscious and full of body and volume (see the girl below?). Wavy hair is the best- every time. You can achieve this look in five minutes with Epsom salt (I will add a link when I post about it!) 

  • You’re a water babe! If you are truly passionate about mermaids, as I’m sure you are, you wont even have to act about your love of water. You naturally jump at any opportunity to go to the local pool and are always begging to go to the beach. When you have to leave, you are pleading to stay a little longer.
  • Know a lot about the ocean, find a certain area that interests you (no use learning something that bores you), maybe choose dolphins or seaweed or lost cities and shipwrecks, then write in a journal all the facts you know. These acts will pop into your head at the most random times and amaze the people around you! People will be able to tell if its something you arent truly passionate about- keep that in mind!

  • Shimmer, shimmer, shimmer! This is the only obvious makeup you should wear! You should wear powder/foundation to look flawless, but stay away from eye shadow and thick eyeliner. If you must use eyeliner or mascara, don’t use enough to make it noticeable- using shades of brown helps.
  • Instead of having to fill in your eyebrows, get them shaped and leave them be.
  • Clear nail polish looks good, or a natural French manicure. Shimmer powder (as I was saying before) would make an excellent highlight for your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose, not only defining your beautiful face, but also suggesting scales with the subtle, brightening shimmer. Choose a light pink or white for the best effect. 

  • Define and contour your face with bronzer under your cheekbones and on the sides of your nose.
  • Lastly, swim well and confidently. A monofin will help you swim fats too! Being able to hold your breath for long periods of time is SO handy! Ill post about breath hold training soon!

Hope you enjoy! What are your mermaid tips? COMMENT BELOW!!!!
Hugs and fishes xx
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the pictures! :)